DLA Piper merges with Davis LLP in Canada. Who’s next?

This merger was big news in Canada this week. Another Tier 2 firm merging with a global giant. Which begs the question, which large Canadian law firm will be merging next? Momentum is building for global matchups, since Tier 2 firms are now able to compete with Tier 1 “Seven Sisters” firms such as McCarthy’s, Blakes, etc. with a simple flick of the “Verein switch”. Which of the “Seven Sisters” will finally succumb to the lure of a global merger in response?

Stay tuned for more merger action in the next couple of years, as competition heats up for Canada’s lucrative resources and financial industry legal work.








Author: Colin Cameron

Founder of Profits for Partners, Management Consulting Inc. We provide strategic profit-focused advice to professional service firms based on 25 years of executive management and consulting experience. I am a management consultant, chartered accountant and former COO of a major Vancouver, BC law firm. My specialties are profitability improvement, strategic planning, firm governance, partner compensation, financial management and operations management.

2 thoughts on “DLA Piper merges with Davis LLP in Canada. Who’s next?

  1. All of the Tier 2 firms, and some of the smaller Tier 1 firms, not intent on finding a BigLaw firm to merge with need to be taking a long-range strategic look at how they are structured as well as how they will shift their business model to compete in the next five-to-10 years. It’s more than simply testing flat fees; it means rethinking the entire way they are organized to do business.

    1. Thanks for the great comments, James. I certainly agree that law firms need to be reviewing their business models given the major changes happening in the legal industry today. I’m always amazed how complacent some firms can be in the face of such change. It’s of course easier to focus on the short term rather than devote time to long term planning. However, competitors such as the global law, accounting and consulting firms are very focused on the long term and want to increase their share of the legal market. Before you know it or can do anything about it, the opportunity is often gone.

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